Bark Painting - Djarka & Warraga Water Goannas by Philip Gudthaykudthay


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Eucalyptus Bark & natural earth pigments; 1960’s. Artist:  Philip Gudthaykudthay of the Liyagalawumirr People. Big, early NE Arnhem Land superb example.


Length: 112 cm (44 inches)

Width: 45 cm (17.7 inches)


Liyagalawumirr literally means people with bark over their heads (as a shelter). Gudthaykudthay was born in the bush at Mulgurrum and he was initiated at Gatji in about 1949. Over the years he has worked as a stockman, fencer, and shot crocodiles for their skins which he sold at Milingimbi Mission. He started painting at Nangalala Mission on the Glyde River in the 1960s under the tuition of his half brother, Mirritja. Gudthaykudthay's father was Lika, brother of Miyalan; his mother was Ganinydja 1 of the Djardewitjibi group, and Ramingining is his mother's country which makes him "djungayi" or land-manager for the town area. He is represented in major public collections in Australia, the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands..


Purchased from the Manrgida Community, in the Northern Territory during the late 1970’s. Catalogue #BP0363. It was valuated by Dorothy Bennett (relevant catalogue # 1-3431), then noted bark painting authority in Darwin, NT;


Private Australian collection.



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