National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne - research museum trip

Our next trip led us to the National Gallery of Victoria to pay a visit to the Art of Mesoamerica exhibition, which displayed a rich collection from the Olmec culture all the way up to the Mayas, spreading on a vast area consisting of present day Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.


In the second millennium B.C.E., significant works of art began to be made in distinctive styles and in forms and materials that would be favored for centuries. Sculpture in stone – from hard volcanic stones to semiprecious varieties – was produced; the fired clay, or ceramic, medium was similarly favored for three-dimensional objects of widely diverse function and inventive appearance during the many centuries before the arrival of the Europeans in the early sixteenth century. Mesoamerican sculpture is typically stylized with simplified, curvilinear shapes, as can be seen on some of the photos included for this news feed.


Date: February 2014

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