Sydney – Australia Museum, Art Gallery of NSW

Sydney is always a pleasure not only because of the number of quality exhibitions on display at any given time, but also because of the fact that when we are in Sydney, we take time to meet the Oceanic Art Society members at one of the events organized by OAS.


The Australian Museum’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Collection contains approx. 25,000 ethnographic objects and 20,000 archaeological collections, even if only fraction of this is displayed and accessible to the public.  For us the most remarkable art object (other than the bicornual basket, which is an old time favourite) was the rare Cape York Headdress, which was frequently used in Torres Strait Islanders’ feather decorations and it represented the cultural exchanges between Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals from North Queensland.


The Art Gallery of NSW is also a good choice with regard to its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection.


Date: October 2013

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